Monday, March 23, 2009

Bevlyn Tan: on dressing for a job interview

If you have a job interview, give yourself the best chance of success.

First of all, make sure you prepare for any questions that you may be asked about your experience or qualifications for the job.

Also important, is your appearance. Look good, and you stand more chance of getting the job. Simple really. So what to wear? Here are some tips:

1) Perfume: invest in an expensive perfume or don’t wear anything. You don’t want the interviewer thinking you are a cheap slut do you?

2) Lingerie: No, this is not a joke! Wear underwear that fits well, but for God’s sake don’t show it to him in the interview!

3) Nails: Short and clean, with a natural color (not like Xiaxue’s!)

4) Makeup: Again, simple and natural (not like Xiaxue’s!)

5) Shoes: avoid ultra high heels. You might fall over and that would look stupid.

6) Outerwear: Aim for simple elegance. Something like this perhaps:

But definitely not this:

Bevlyn Tan
Note: it’s not very often that you will have the chance to meet up with 100 hot Singaporean chicks in a single evening.

But this Friday (27 March) it will be possible!

Because that is when FHM Singapore will be bringing together the top 100 girls next door. The venue is the Zirca, and the fun and games kick off at 8.00pm. Details here.

One of the contestants is the job-seeking Bevlyn Tan as pictured above. Maybe you can offer her a job? I certainly would… :)


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