Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amber Chia to flaunt her body for Beckham!

Oh My God! Amber Chia is in America and she is going to show off her lovely body for the famous Britisher!

Is there something going on between the two of them? Well you bet there is!

“This will be such good exposure for me. It is a big job and I am so excited to get it,” said Chia, on news of her link up with Beckham.

But alas she’s not going to get saucy with David Beckham – it’s his wife Victoria Beckham that she’s going to model for.

For the Beckham fashion campaign, Chia was one of the eight shortlisted models. She kept thanking her lucky stars because the New York scene was so competitive.

It also worked in her favour that they were looking for models with a height of 175cm. Chia is about 173cm.

Source: The Star

So how is Malaysia’s finest model finding America?

“Well, it’s okay,” she said. “But the people are so patriotic here. That’s why I wear my “stars and stripes” bikini wherever I go. The Americans seem to love it, especially the men.”

 Amber Chia Amber in her famous US “gear”

Talking about possible acting roles, Chia said that she would not limit herself too much.

“I could play sexy or passionate parts but a dirty image was strictly no-no because I’m always mindful about my parents’ feelings,” she said. “And I’m also Asian. I represent Malaysia,” she said.

But that didn’t stop you doing some very sexy photo shoots before did it Amber? Or do you make sure that your Mum never reads FHM or Playboy? Hahaha!!!

 Amber Chia Mum don’t look! I don’t want you to know about this!!


i don't think her mom will get mad with the pictures. afterall, amber got it from her mama :)

hot amber got all the hot stuff from her hot mama :)

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