Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Suhaiza Suhaimi on TV show after “disappearance”

Suhaiza Suhaimi, better known as Memey, is back!!!!

Yes folks. The Malaysian sex bomb now seems to be over the SHAME of being caught for the religious crime of “close proximity” with married actor Norman Hakim, and made a surprise appearance on a TV3 show on Tuesday after 'disappearing' for two months.

Sexy Suhaiza said she felt bad after Norman’s marriage to Abby subsequently crumbled.

But how close did Norman really get to Suhaiza?

Well, your guess is only as good as mine, but if I was in shoes I would have wanted to get very close indeed…

 Suhaiza Suhaimi Suhaiza Suhaimi’s favourite pastime is playing with one long stick and two balls in a game called billiards. Let’s just hope she doesn’t change cues too often!!!


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