Monday, January 12, 2009

Naomi Liu

Naomi Liu spells out her first name on her blog. I’ve done it too but with a few alterations!

N is for Naughty (but Nice!)

A is for Attitude

O is for Orgasmic

M is for Materialistic

I is for Insatiable

Lovely Naomi also says she is the girl next door:

 Naomi Liu
Well, with a body like that I’m sure there is a huge waiting list of guys who want to move in next door to her!

Hell – they’d even be drilling holes in the walls to get a better look at what this gorgeous young vixen gets up to in the comforts of her own home (presumably an apartment if she lives in Singapore).

But be warned. This chick is high maintenance – among the things on her wish list is a US$1,799.99 Nokia 8800 sapphire arte!

Time to get saving gentlemen. I’ve put US$10 aside already. Only another US$1,789.99 to go…

 Naomi Liu Lovely Naomi likes it lying down


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