Monday, January 26, 2009

Maia Lee: when bad is good

A visit to a large shopping mall on Singapore’s famous Orchard Road is the perfect opportunity to do some people watching; and also see what fashions are in, and what are not.

But what struck me was not what the Singapore chicks were wearing - but what they were doing to their hair: there was no shortage of redheads and brunettes. And this in a country where everyone is born with black hair!

Also getting more popular in Singapore are tattoos.

Most often they are on either the upper shoulder or lower back. Butterflies, flowers, suns are popular designs.

But few girls go as far as Maia Lee.

Indeed, Maia has so many of the damn things that from a distance she looks as if she is covered in tire treds!

 maia leeWhat happened Maia? Did a truck run you over?

No it didn’t! Go #### yourself!

More on Maia: A no-nonsense “bad girl”, Maia is on a personal crusade to shock polite Singapore society with her outlandish behavior. So far, she is doing that very well. She’s only 1.48 meters short, but what she lacks in height she makes up in attitude. Already a single mum and a self confessed pansexual (that means she’s attracted to both men and women without really being aware of their gender), some wonder what will come next. It could be anything, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a scorching hot "action" video was in the pipeline. As for the tattoos, let’s hope she’s already called it a day. Otherwise she may end up like this:

Not Maia Lee. At least not yet!!

Read Maia’s controversial musings on her blog here.


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