Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Taste of Felicia Tang

Felicia Tang is one of Singapore’s finest exports, a feisty young lady with a good heart and a buxom chest.

Her utterly sinful curves win her admiring glances from men everywhere – but only admonishment and envy from their girlfriends and wives.

Felicia’s passage into the modeling world was grounded in a strict upbringing in a Catholic school – what exactly is it that they do in those schools? – and she never looked back after moving to the US to get her career into top gear.

Felicia said on her website (in October 2008) that she had retired from the modeling world.

This sad news was greeted with cries of disbelief by her legions of fans across the world.

But look on the bright side – at least she leaves us a fine legacy!!

Felicia Tang

You will remember me, won't you?


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