Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tiara Lestari

Across the Malacca Straits lies Indonesia, a vast country with a huge population, and home, of course, to some of Asia’s hottest babes.

Tiara Lestari is one of them.

Although she no longer models – she’s married with one kid – her legacy lives on after she revealed all for some heavyweight international magazines a number of years ago.

These now legendary photoshoots gave her great exposure and, as a result, she won many admirers from across the world. Indeed, today, she probably remains as Indonesia’s most famous pin-up girl – at least internationally.

But is there a chance she might make a comeback?

Well, unfortunately “no” is the answer because Tiara says her modeling days are over.

But nevermind. At least we have some memories to cling to!




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